Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Spotlight Automotive Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Spotlight ") attaches great importance to your personal information protection and data privacy, and Spotlight also understands that you may care about how your personal information is used and shared. Therefore, Spotlight has formulated this Privacy Policy that explains how Spotlight collects, uses, or stores your personal information. The Spotlight website may contain links to other third-party websites that are not covered by this Privacy Policy, and Spotlight recommend that you first understand the privacy policies of those third-parties before visiting those websites and/or services.


"Personal Information" under this Privacy Policy refers to any kind of information related to an identified or identifiable natural person as electronically or otherwise recorded, excluding information that has been anonymized, which is recorded electronically or by other means through the web server regarding your web browsing history information when you access Spotlight's website.

Without your permission, Spotlight will not collect personal information from you that can be used to identify a specific individual or/and other personal information that cannot be used alone but must be used in combination with other information. Regarding Personal Information that cannot be used independently, Spotlight may collect, use, transfer or disclose such information for any purposes provided the information is not used jointly with other information.

How Spotlight collects your personal information

1. Spotlight may collect your personal information that you voluntarily provide to Spotlight when you visit Spotlight´s official website or participate in Spotlight Website or other online services (for example, when you contact Spotlight on Spotlight’s website or via email with a question).

2. Collection of information through Cookies.

When you visit the Spotlight Website, Spotlight will use cookies to make sure that you get the best experience on Spotlight Website. These cookies may be related to you, your preferences, or your device.

3. The Spotlight website itself does not collect any personal information from you as a regular user. Only on certain pages of the website, Spotlight will place a cookie on the user's end to identify the user's browsing status.

4. Spotlight may use third-party tool, such as Baidu statistics, which may use JavaScript, cookies, etc. to obtain user-side information, such as browsing time, viewed pages, geography, source, client device resolution, browser, device UA, operating system type, etc. for recording and analyzing website traffic data.

5. This information is usually not used to directly to identify you, but it can provide you with a more personalized website experience. Spotlight respects your rights to personal information, and you may choose to disable certain types of cookies, however, blocking certain types of cookies may affect your experience on Spotlight´s official website and the services Spotlight can provide for you.

Also, the settings you make for cookies relate only to the browser being used in the current situation.

If you wish to disable all cookies, you will need to go to your browser settings, but this action may affect the functionality of this website.

When you visit the Spotlight website, you will be asked at the cookie level whether you agree to the use of cookies or tracking mechanisms. In Spotlight's privacy settings, you can revoke consent or set consent at any time.

6. You can erase all Cookies stored on your computer or other electronic devices yourself. If you do so, you will need to personally change your user settings each time when visiting Spotlight website.

How Spotlight uses your personal information

1. Spotlight will use your personal information for the normal operation of this website. This means that Spotlight will use the information in accordance with the purpose of this website and the underlying technologies or platforms used to provide services. This may also include the performance of a contract to which you are party or for the legitimate interests pursued by Spotlight or a third party to whom Spotlight necessarily are required to disclose information.

2. By using statistical tools and cookie, Spotlight may keep statistics on your page views or/and other data.

Disclosure or Sharing of Your Personal Information to third-Parties

1. Spotlight may share your personal information with Spotlight’s affiliates and suppliers Spotlight will only use your personal information, to the extent necessary, that are subject to the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. Spotlight’s affiliates and subsidiaries will again seek your authorization to change the purpose for which the Personal Information is processed.

2. Spotlight may be subject to investigation or audit by the relevant government or regulatory authority from time to time. During the process of such investigation or audit, if Spotlight is required to disclose your personal information and such disclosure cannot be timely notified to you, you hereby agree that Spotlight may disclose your personal information to the relevant third parties in such investigation or audit process without obtaining your additional consent.

How Spotlight protects your personal information

1. Spotlight will take security protection measures that comply with industry standards to protect the personal information you provide to Spotlight from unauthorized access, public disclosure, usage, modification, damage or loss. Spotlight will continually update safety procedure with new technology development.

2. Spotlight will take all reasonable and practical measures to ensure that no irrelevant personal information is collected. Spotlight will only reserve your personal information for the period as required to achieve the purpose of this Privacy Policy, except for extensions required or permitted by law.

3. When any personal information security incident occurs, Spotlight will, according to the requirements of laws and regulations, inform you in a timely manner of the basic situation and possible impact of the incident, the handling measures taken or to be taken, suggestions on risk prevention and elimination, and remedial measures taken.

Information Transmission

1. In principle, the personal information collected and processed by Spotlight within the territory of the People's Republic of China will be reserved within the territory of the People's Republic of China. Spotlight will not transfer and disclose your personal information to any other third party without your authorized consent.

2. The use of certain statistical tools may transfer your website browsing data to other jurisdictions, in which different data protection laws or even no relevant laws may be available in such jurisdictions. If so, Spotlight will ensure that your personal information is adequately and equally protected in the way same as that in the People's Republic of China.

How to Update this Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with better services and with the development of our business, this Privacy Policy will be changed in due course. Spotlight will issue the updated version of this website and notify you of the update through the website notice or in other appropriate ways before it takes effect. Please also visit this website to keep abreast the latest Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, or wish to exercise your rights (interests) related to your personal information, you may contact us via []. In general, Spotlight will respond within 15 business days.

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