Legal & Compliance statement


SAL is fully committed to lawful and responsible business conducts and enforces high ethical standards to all business activities. The top management of SAL constantly emphasize the importance of compliance to the employees and business partners and encourages them to report possible compliance violations. SAL adopts “Zero Tolerance” for non-compliant behaviors.


SAL has established a robust organizational structure to exercise its responsibility for compliance. At shareholder level, the Board of Directors (BoD) of SAL has established a dedicated committee to supervise the effectiveness of SAL’s compliance management system. At internal management level, the highest management organization (Board of Management) takes primary responsibility for the compliance management of SAL. Also, a dedicated “Compliance” function has been established at SAL to manage the overall compliance programs and regularly inform the Board of Management about all compliance-related issues.


When joining SAL, each employee is required to sign a “Compliance Declaration” as their commitment to adhere to the “SAL Legal Compliance Code”, which sets the basic values, rules, and standards of lawful behavior in all aspects of their daily work. SAL has also published a variety of policies and instructions in relation to compliance topics (such as anti-bribery, anti-monopoly, information

security, export control) as binding guidance to all employees.

SAL has established a compliance management system, comprising legal regulatory monitoring, training and communication activities, management of compliance related processes and controls, etc. Our Compliance function and business departments collaborate closely to improve the compliance awareness among all employees and ensure lawful behavior throughout the organization.

Business Partner

It is SAL and the business partners’ common goal to build a trusting, honest and highly efficient business relationship with business partners to better achieve business target together. SAL unreservedly acknowledges the principles of the market economy and fair competition and relies on continuous business in compliance with all applicable laws, including legislations that fight against bribery and corruption in the commercial area. Suppliers who may have business with SAL are generally required to sign “Sunshine Agreement” with SAL to avoid corruption and to protect the interests of SAL and Suppliers. At the same time, SAL also offers a number of channels through which our business partners can report possible compliance violations or address their compliance concerns.

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